Just because You don’t believe it…… Doesn’t mean it’s not True

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Chosen People: The Rise of American Black Israelite Religions

Black Jews in Africa and the Americas (The Nathan I. Huggins Lectures)

Attention ALL Churches…..


Place this Sign Outside Your Churches…..

Why are we so Eager to Accept the Excuses of those who are Killing Our Children ……..

Why is it that we have not Stood Up for Our People? Why is it that We are So….. divided on a Subject that is the Very substance of Our existence here In America? Slavery! Yet we are scared to even Speak the Word! I’m Not! The Very reason that we are being Killed… Slavery! The Very Reason why Anglo Saxons are not punished on a Regular basis for the Murders, Assaults, Rapes and terroristic acts that they have perpetrated over the ENTIRE History on this earth against all people that have Melanin: is because We never mattered to them! Only to the MOST HIGH! We are and Always Will be a Slave in the eyes of the Master….. Just like in the Old days we when begin to Out number them, they began to kill some of us off to Keep order…… Hummmm Where have I heard this Story before? Oh Yeah Egypt….. We Have to Stand together if We ever Want Anything to Change….. As Long as We are Divided They will Continue to get Away with this!


The Book of Jubliees: and it’s place in the Bible; does it belong or is it a fictionial tale of Adam and Eve?????

Well…..All I can say is that This Book of Jubliees is No Testament of Solomon and No Wisdom of Solomon either! But what I can say is …. It would have made a Wondrous addition to the Bible….Smack dead in the middle of Genesis and Exodus….. Even answering some of those Questions that leave us Dismayed while reading our Bibles….. Like if Adam and Eve only had  Cain, Abel and Seth; then who did Cain and Seth marry? Or maybe What son inhabited what land after the death of Noah? Did Moses know that his nanny was his biological mother?

In the beginning of  This Book of Jubliees there was a feeling of completeness…as if there were less holes and more filling for example: The story of Adam and Eve is just a bit different from the traditional story that we are use to Reading…. However it does not in any way contradict or take away from the Original……. other than to say there were Angels every where! The angels walked with man as if this was their very own home. This makes since to me especially when I think about the three men that Moses met in the wilderness…. Not to mention those same three men destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah …..Next…..

This book also speaks of those mysterious watchers, fallen angels and their offspring the giants and/or Nephilim and it even gives more details concerning their fall. It takes a look into the story of Joseph and pretty much covers all the half told stories in the book of Genesis…. and not to mention this book is written from someone else’s point of view……All in all I’m glad that I read this book and Yes I will take this book into account when Studying the word of the Most High God…… Finally this book gives us a more visual account of what happened between Jacob and Esau leading up to and after the death of their parents…….Lets just say I didn’t see that one coming and Wow I was not Ready at all!

The only question this book left me with was ….. Who wrote it Moses or the Angels?

Ancient Book of Jubilees

The Book of Jubilees

The Books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher

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If you Don’t Like it So What!

I feel how I feel and I don’t hide my Feelings…… if you Know Me you know how I feel….. If it is not of the MOST HIGH I won’t cheer you on…… But I won’t put you down either…. I know that it is your walk with HIM…..and my words will just make you mad….. and bitter so I pray for the Things that you do! and Hope that HE forgives you for the Sins that you Freely except… I love you No matter what you Do….. But Just because I LOVE YOU doesn’t mean I Have to LOVE YOUR SINS….. and I don’t expect you to Love Mine’s Either……. Instead hate the Sin yet Love the Sinner!  Now that’s 100….. and if you don’t like it So WHAT………

Holy Bible: KJV Standard Size Thumb Index Edition: Zippered Turquoise (King James Bible)

Apocrypha [illustrated] [translated]

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” He is called I AM THAT I AM”

Having faith in Something or Someone greater, and More powerful than anything in this World or the Next, is the best Feeling one Can ever know! My walk with faith has been a long one, Not a perfect one and I don’t pretend to be holier than thou either….. But what I am is a Child of the MOST HIGH God…… For those of you whom do not know HIM……. He is called I AM THAT I AM, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and of Jacob and in must simpler terms….. The Only God…… These other things that people are worshipping are nothing more than the “Mighty Men of Old” spoken of in Genesis 6:4…….. Or Men who Opposed the Most High’s Laws……..meaning Non believers….. One thing I do know is: this world is doing exactly what was prophesied in Revelation, 1Timothy, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and the Gospels…. No one seems to notice or care, Just living ,lying, scheming, killing, thrilling, and stealing ……… and all the other things that the Most High said were forbidden. While your out there doing what you do…. Remember what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah……..  and what the Savior said about the last days….. Behold I come as a thief in the night…. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments…….Least he walk naked……..Rev. 16:15 …… I am not trying to preach or Judge…… I just want you to Have your Garments ready ……. Because HE is on the Way!

Torah (Hebrew Bible)

1611 Bible-KJV-400th Anniversary w/out Apocrypha

The Researchers Library of Ancient Texts: Volume One — The Apocrypha: Includes the Books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees

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Excuse me? When Did the Most High tell King Solomon that it was Okay to Worship other gods?…….

The Fall

I came across This book called A Testament of Solomon and Like the Wisdom of Solomon it has some very Risqué things in it. After reading this book I have no doubt about who the author is…… Solomon! In this book Solomon tells us how he Lost the favor of the Most High; and how he wants to warn Israel concerning all that he had done to displease the Most High. Now don’t be Shocked because it goes more in-depth  concerning Solomon’s seal….. and the works of it…. but that is not the Most interesting part…… It speaks quite a bit about the Savior……and how the devil and his demons have to retreat at the very mention of the Savior…… HalleluYah! I have to ask why has this book been so incognito? I think I know why, but I will let you be the judge of that…. I have only used a few of the text from this Testament ,however there were many to choose from. Please let me know what you think of this so called Lost book of the Bible!

  • 1 Kings 11:4 For it came to pass that when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Most High, as was the heart of  David his father……
  • Testament 128 ” And I Solomon glorified GOD and I adorned the Temple of the LORD with all fair-seeming. And I was glad in the spirit in my kingdom, and there was peace in my days. And I took wives of my own from every land who were numberless. And I marched against the Jebusites, and there I saw a Jubisite daughter of a man, and fell violently in love with her, and desired to take her to wife along with my other wives. And I said to their priests: give me Shunammite as a wife. But the priest of moloch said to me: If you love this maiden go and worship our gods…….And I said to them I will not worship a strange god. What is this proposal, that you compel me to do so much……But they said you must do as we ask if you wish to take this woman as a wife………129 And when I answered that I would on no account worship strange gods they told the maiden not to sleep with me until I complied…….. I then  was moved by Eros bought and laid by her five grasshoppers, saying take these grasshoppers and crush them together in the name of the god of moloch and then I will sleep with you…….And this I actually did…..and at once the Spirit of GOD departed from me……..
  • 1 Kings 11:7 Then did Solomon build an high place for chemosh the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem and for molech the abomination of the Ammon.
  • Testament 129  continued……… and I became weak as well as foolish in my words. And after that I  was obliged by her to build a temple of idols to baal, and evil spirits, and to moloch, and to the other idols.

Mention of Moses and the Savior

These text intrigued me so much that I had to mention them to you

  • Testament 71 …….And then he answered: ” He destroys me who  is to become Savior a man who’s number, if anyone writes it on his forehead, he  will defeat me. and in fear I will quickly retreat…..
  • Testament 52 ……. And the spirit answered me: The great among men who is to suffer many things at the hands of men who’s name is the figure 644, which is Emmanuel; HE it is who has bound us……….
  • Testament 65……. Until the SON of GOD is stretched upon the cross. For never before does a King arise like him, One frustrating us All (demons). who’s mother will NOT HAVE CONTACT with man. Who else can receive such authority over spirits, except HE, whom the first devil will seek to tempt, but will not prevail over? The number of HIS name is 644, which is Emmanuel……..  
  • Testament 126 I said there for to him: How are you found in the Red Sea? And he answered : In the Exodus of the sons of Israel I hardened the heart of Pharaoh And I excited his heart and that of his ministers. And I caused them to pursue after the children of Israel…..and Pharaoh follow and all the Egyptians……… And when it came to pass when the children of Israel had crossed over , the water returned and covered all the hosts of the Egyptians……. And I remained in the sea….

As I am sure you know that every knee shall bow at the name of the SON and that is because HE has already defeated the devil…. so who else could these individuals be talking about….I have to say that this is a very good read…. a bit mysterious also interesting to say the least……. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say this book belongs in the Bible but I will say it is a Definite MUST READ!……. The last text that I am going to leave you with is …..

   ◾Testament 66 And I Solomon having heard this glorified GOD and though I marveled at the apology of the demons, I did not credit it until it came true. And I did not believe their words; but when they were realized then, I understood and at my death I wrote this Testament to the children of Israel and gave it to them so that they might know the powers of the demons”…….

The Testament Of Solomon

TEMPLE: Amazing New Discoveries That Change Everything About the Location of Solomon’s Temple

The Testament of Solomon, Edited from Manuscripts at Mount Athos, Bologna, Holkham Hall, Jerusalem, London, Milan, Paris and Vienna