Blinded by the Lights!

Is it me or have you noticed that Every Law that the Most High set in place for Us to follow….. are now being slapped down and outlawed….. If you speak One word of Righteousness; people are ready to hang you…. the Most High says thou shall not murder…. We say it is wrong to kill Us without Just cause ie. #Blacklivesmatter …… They say #AllLivesMatter , but you will run to get an abortion Real quick…. well that’s a life too and it also Mattered!

The Most High says Love the LORD with all your heart, Mind and Soul…… They say; we’re enlightened… besides we all serve the same gods……. HE says Love they neighbor as you love yourself……. You say….. but my neighbors don’t love me or What neighbor?……. GOD says “Man ought not lay with mankind as with woman kind…… You say I can change my Kind…… Do you not see the Direction we are headed in….. No because you are blinded by the Lights, glimmer and Gold!
Real Sh…

Governing the World: The History of an Idea, 1815 to the Present

International Order and the Future of World Politics

All the Light We Cannot See

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