Why are we so Eager to Accept the Excuses of those who are Killing Our Children ……..

Why is it that we have not Stood Up for Our People? Why is it that We are So….. divided on a Subject that is the Very substance of Our existence here In America? Slavery! Yet we are scared to even Speak the Word! I’m Not! The Very reason that we are being Killed… Slavery! The Very Reason why Anglo Saxons are not punished on a Regular basis for the Murders, Assaults, Rapes and terroristic acts that they have perpetrated over the ENTIRE History on this earth against all people that have Melanin: is because We never mattered to them! Only to the MOST HIGH! We are and Always Will be a Slave in the eyes of the Master….. Just like in the Old days we when begin to Out number them, they began to kill some of us off to Keep order…… Hummmm Where have I heard this Story before? Oh Yeah Egypt….. We Have to Stand together if We ever Want Anything to Change….. As Long as We are Divided They will Continue to get Away with this!


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