The Book of Jubliees: and it’s place in the Bible; does it belong or is it a fictionial tale of Adam and Eve?????

Well…..All I can say is that This Book of Jubliees is No Testament of Solomon and No Wisdom of Solomon either! But what I can say is …. It would have made a Wondrous addition to the Bible….Smack dead in the middle of Genesis and Exodus….. Even answering some of those Questions that leave us Dismayed while reading our Bibles….. Like if Adam and Eve only had  Cain, Abel and Seth; then who did Cain and Seth marry? Or maybe What son inhabited what land after the death of Noah? Did Moses know that his nanny was his biological mother?

In the beginning of  This Book of Jubliees there was a feeling of completeness…as if there were less holes and more filling for example: The story of Adam and Eve is just a bit different from the traditional story that we are use to Reading…. However it does not in any way contradict or take away from the Original……. other than to say there were Angels every where! The angels walked with man as if this was their very own home. This makes since to me especially when I think about the three men that Moses met in the wilderness…. Not to mention those same three men destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah …..Next…..

This book also speaks of those mysterious watchers, fallen angels and their offspring the giants and/or Nephilim and it even gives more details concerning their fall. It takes a look into the story of Joseph and pretty much covers all the half told stories in the book of Genesis…. and not to mention this book is written from someone else’s point of view……All in all I’m glad that I read this book and Yes I will take this book into account when Studying the word of the Most High God…… Finally this book gives us a more visual account of what happened between Jacob and Esau leading up to and after the death of their parents…….Lets just say I didn’t see that one coming and Wow I was not Ready at all!

The only question this book left me with was ….. Who wrote it Moses or the Angels?

Ancient Book of Jubilees

The Book of Jubilees

The Books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher

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