If you Don’t Like it So What!

I feel how I feel and I don’t hide my Feelings…… if you Know Me you know how I feel….. If it is not of the MOST HIGH I won’t cheer you on…… But I won’t put you down either…. I know that it is your walk with HIM…..and my words will just make you mad….. and bitter so I pray for the Things that you do! and Hope that HE forgives you for the Sins that you Freely except… I love you No matter what you Do….. But Just because I LOVE YOU doesn’t mean I Have to LOVE YOUR SINS….. and I don’t expect you to Love Mine’s Either……. Instead hate the Sin yet Love the Sinner!  Now that’s 100….. and if you don’t like it So WHAT………

Holy Bible: KJV Standard Size Thumb Index Edition: Zippered Turquoise (King James Bible)

Apocrypha [illustrated] [translated]

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 (1PC/1User) [Download]

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