Don’t make me Go there…….

To the group Did I piss you off formerly of Google+…… Yesterday you asked me some questions, I did not answer because I felt like I was being attacked for MY beliefs. I Never try to tell people what they SHOULD believe! So when you said that I pushed my beliefs on you it surprised me and if I made you feel that way then you have my deepest apologizes. I am just a proud believer! I will attempt to answer your questions, the best that I know how, here it goes:

Why am I respecting air i.e. GOD is air? Since you are so intelligent, I thought you would be able to answer this question; but I will give it a shot. Even though I can not see air I can feel it; the wind blows, the trees sway, and without air to breathe the body would not live so we can definitely say that air does exist. Now I can’t see GOD, but I can feel HIM most of us can. When you are a parent and something happens to your child, you know! You could be 100 miles away’ but you feel it. (Assuming you’re not a sociopath) And just like air, without GOD we would not live!
By answering these questions for you my faith has grown that much more, I would like to thank you for that.

What are angels and why do they have wings? Angels are “Sons of GOD” Gen 6:2 “And the sons of GOD saw the daughters of men”……. No where in the bible does it say that angels have or need wings. In my opinion those fallen from grace would need wings, don’t you think?

How did two white people make me (a black woman)? Being that you guys are all about science and the universe (very intelligent might I add) I knew you would be able to answer this one, but don’t worry home girl; I got your answer right here! In 1987 three scientists found evidence through mitochondrial DNA , that said everyone on the earth had one ancestor in common, one African woman who lived in Africa 200,000 years ago. Here are a couple of links just in case you need further proof P.S. There is only one race in the whole world that does not have pigmentation in their skin, that would make you the minority; or should I dare ask how two black people made any white people unless you count albino people.

As to the question about respecting someone who does not respect me and views me as a servant? Again this is just my opinion even though I feel this is factual. As children our parents set rules for us, and because we are children, it seems like parents are slave owners. GOD is our father, you don’t have to believe this, it is your right given by GOD in Joshua 24:15: choose ye this day whom you will serve… and as HIS children HE has set rules in place, if we don’t follow those rules there are consequences for those actions. To sum this up you said something else that I was enslaved by religion and church. I must correct you my friend, I am free from religion, because the bible does not speak of different religions it only speaks of believers and non believers, Not Baptist, Mormon, Jehovah witness and on and on …. I do not attend church, because they teach that you will go to hell for your sins, but most don’t teach that Jesus saved us from suffering the punishment by shedding HIS blood for us, as long as we believe. No Ms Hillary I am not a slave, I am very free! Free to serve MY GOD, free from pastors trying to get paid or sleep with the congregation ect… I hope that this answered your questions!! Until next time!!

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