If you Would Only Look around America……. You could see that Something is going on!!!!

I always try to pay attention to the things going on around me. Please just look at the world around you there is something going on that the community is not aware of, and I refuse not to know what they have planned for me while we are working hard to take care of our families. I hope that people will take this opportunity to look up some things, make sure that they a creditable examples are Bible, books, news clippings etc. Look at the things that your communities are trying to tell us on you tube and other web sites. If you see a post that has a lot of the same phenomenons all around the world, check it out; they are posting all kinds of warning that can not be disputed. If you can dispute strange sounds all over the world at the same time, Tornado’s, floods Tsunamis and earthquakes please feel free to let me know asap because I am always open to knowledge !!

The Torah For Dummies

Biblical: A Novel

The Oxford History of the Biblical World

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